My name is Neelam Gupta who admires, love and follow natures’ beauty.I would want to make people aware about what is Nature and how ones’ association with nature can lead to deep,intrinsic holistic well being and satisfaction.I agree to the fact that each individual has a different thought process related to anything existent in this universe,however, we can enlighten the benefits which may help someone someday. I have been attached to nature since last 30 years where I am in constant search to find ways to enhance, improve ones’ beauty through natural means. This urge has led me to do various courses in this field starting with Shahnaz Hussains’ course in “Beauty and Hair Care in 1990 where I learned how to cure and enhance ones’ skin and hair beauty naturally without any chemicals.There I realized how its in our own hands to keep that beauty intact no matter if you are a male or female and constantly shine like Venus!! Then in 1992 I joined Habibs Hair Academy and learnt how to have different hair styles as per personality,body type and reached new heights all together. Since then I have assisted,guided and helped loads of people with similar queries, imparting trainings, upgrading skills which made me interested further to take course in “Kerala Ayurveda” in 2012. This course has not only widen my horizon but has made me learn how simple natural,homely ingredients can cure simple to critical diseases.

Personally,I am spiritual,optimistic, a foodie and love to cook as well. I believe a nutritious,healthy vegetarian meal is all we need for a healthier body,mind and spirit. My main aim is to impart what all knowledge I have gained so far so that people can prevent themselves from any kind of disease rather than curing later.